Brexit – How Companies Need To Prepare. Over the next two years all businesses will have to prepare for the consequences of Brexit. Regardless of your organisation size, the vote to leave the EU and the triggering of Article 50 on 29th March 2017 has many implications for UK businesses.

Inevitably our exit from the EU will bring about changes in our underlying law through the Great Repeal Bill and, although there is no certainty as to what those changes may be, companies need to undertake a proactive impact assessment on their future commercial dealings now to ensure that they are in a position to seamlessly take advantage of the opportunities ahead.


Linda appeared recently on Business Connections Live to explain why all business should be aware of how Brexit can affect their day to day operations.

Trying to predict the legislative landscape post- Brexit just isn’t possible at this stage. However, what is clear is that you need to start your due diligence now and put risk management procedures in place to ensure that you are fully prepared for any changes that may result from the UK governments negotiations.

It is important to view Brexit as an opportunity to review:

  • All of your commercial dealings
  • Existing commercial contracts,
  • (IP) Intellectual Property
  • Budgets
  • Implications of tax/VAT
  • Employment issues
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance
  • Corporate governance.

Bigger corporates are already creating “Head of Brexit” positions and supporting staff to ensure that they are prepared ahead of 2019. The service Linda offers gives you all the benefits within your organisation’s budget.

Make certain your business or organisation is ready for Brexit. Linda will carry out a Brexit Impact Assessment of your business and make the necessary recommendations based on the perceived outcome for businesses now that Article 50 has been triggered and ensure that your business is ready to grasp the opportunities in 2019.

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