Trade with the EU in 2021

Make certain your business or organisation is ready for Trade on the global stage. I will carry out an assessment of your business and make the necessary recommendations and ensure that your business is ready to grasp the opportunities in 2021.

The Trade and Cooperation Agreement is an opportunity to ensure compliance and awareness of:

  • All of your commercial dealings
  • Customs declarations
  • Existing commercial contracts
  • Supply chain
  • International data transfers as a ‘third country’
  • (IP) Intellectual Property
  • Rules of Origin
  • Implications of tax/VAT
  • Commodity codes
  • Data Protection and corporate governance.

Having agreed a Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the EU, UK businesses that export/import to and from the EU must understand the new Customs Declarations that must be prepared for their shipments together with amendments from EU to UK law that need to be made to existing and future legal agreements and to take positive steps to ensure the continuing success of their organisations in 2021. 

Although, EU GDPR continues to be recognised in the first 4 – 6 months of 2021, the relationship between the UK and EU with regard to data protection continues to be negotiated to ensure that the information rights of UK and EU citizens are not affected. An “Adequacy” decision is expected between April and June 2021.

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Trade compliance in 2021

Customs paperwork must be completed to enable exporting and importing to and from the EU. 

You will need a full understanding of Rules of Origin, Safety & Security Declarations, Trade Sanctions, Commercial Invoices and further documentary requirements to trade with the EU and globally.


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Challenges and Opportunities for UK Business in 2021

  • Knowledge of how to complete and submit Customs paperwork. 
  • Compliance with GDPR as a ‘third country’.
  • Compliance with changes of legislation from EU to UK law.
  • An awareness of how much of your current business set up is reliant on the EU and how you may need to re-structure your business to accommodate change.

Businesses Must Ensure That

  • Customer and supplier contracts are robust, up to date and legally compliant;
  • Intellectual Property is properly registered in the relevant territory;
  • Tax / VAT implications are addressed;
  • Employee immigrant status is checked;
  • Foreign currency and exchange contingencies are in place;
  • Data Protection procedures are up to date and UK GDPR compliant;
  • You are prepared for customs declarations.

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