ePrivacy and UK GDPR

EU GDPR will be retained in UK domestic law as “UK GDPR.”



  • What is the potential impact on data privacy compliance in 2021 in the UK and the EU/EEA?
  • Have you identified business-critical data flows of personal data, between the EEA and the UK
  • Will your  data transfers be able to lawfully continue in 2021
  • What are standard contract clauses (SCCs) and how and when must you use them
  • Do you need to appoint a EU representative if your organization engages in cross-border processing within the EU/EEA?



Contact me for practical advice on how to prepare to ensure that your organization is in the best position possible to comply with the Trade and Cooperation Agreement and the EU “Adequacy” decision expected between April and June 2021.


UK GDPR Ongoing Compliance

As a Data Controller you need to be fully compliant with UK GDPR and assess:

  • the personal data that the business currently holds;
  • the origin of the data and who your business is sharing it with (data processors);
  • current data protection policies and how they need to be updated to be fully compliant;
  • current privacy notices;
  • International data transfers;
  • the readiness of the business strategy going forward.
  • appoint a Data Protection Officer if required

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Data Protection on the Global Stage

The UK GDPR applies not only to those in the UK but also to any business outside the UK that will be processing the personal data of UK citizens.

Therefore, all UK based businesses must continue to be UK GDPR compliant.

If you are a US corporation, we can advise on how you can remain compliant when dealing with UK citizens.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will continue to update its guidance in conjunction with the UK government.

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The effect of UK GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation on Global Trade

How will UK GDPR and ePrivacy affect trade?

The whole purpose of Data Protection is to engender trust. Trust in your business. Trust in your product; Trust in your people.

Let us train your trade team 

  • Employee awareness training.
  • How to use Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC).
  • The use of personal data in trade documentation. 
  • A culture of GDPR in your business.
  • The enhanced reputation of your brand.

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