Linda Bazant


International Trade Consultant

Linda Bazant LLB (Hons)

Is Your Organisation Trade Ready?


If you are concerned about compliance with new Trade and Cooperation Agreement in 2021, then I can help.

Having agreed a trade agreement with the EU, UK businesses that export/import to and from the EU must understand and comply with the new Customs Declarations that need to be prepared for their shipments together with amendments from EU to UK law that need to be made to existing and future legal agreements and to take positive steps to ensure the continuing success of their organisations in 2022.

As a Barrister and International Trade Specialist, I work at senior board level advising corporates, SME’s and public authorities on their systems, the implementation of Trade impact assessments, and the development of robust policies for 2022.

Business Services and Support

Trade Compliance 2022


  • contracts;
  • rules of origin
  • licenses;
  • certificates;
  • commodity codes;
  • supply chain;
  • WTO;
  • customs & duties;
  • continued compliance with GDPR as a ‘third country’;
  • legislation

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Speaker and Trainer

Available for 

  • Broadcast interviews 
  • Virtual events
  • Panels
  • Live events

Bespoke Training

  • Export/import compliance
  • Data Protection
  • International Trade

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Data Protection 2022


  • International data transfers as a ‘third country;
  • Standard contractual clauses (SCC),
  • Data sharing;
  • Privacy policies; 
  • Third-party use of personal data;
  • Subject access requests;
  • Data retention and deletion;
  • Data Security;
  • Data Breaches.
To book a Compliance Assessment contact Linda Bazant now!
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Transition readiness

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