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Why you should do your Brexit due diligence NOW!

Trying to predict the legislative landscape post- Brexit just isn’t possible at this stage.

However, what is clear is that you need to start your due diligence now and put risk management procedures in place to ensure that you are fully prepared for any changes that may result from the UK governments negotiations.

You need to have an awareness of how much of your current business set up is reliant on the EU and how you may need to re-structure your business to accommodate any changes. Advance preparation for the possible cost implications is vital so that they are not a “big hit” in 2019

Linda Bazant Post – Brexit Advisor and I’m here to advise on the due diligence that businesses should be starting now to ensure that they are ready for the challenges, but more importantly, the opportunities of 2019.

Call Linda now on 07957 422069 or email me to arrange for an initial audit.